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Why, hello there!
Thanks for stopping by and perusing my collection of handmade creations.

I'm Arin Maya Lawrence, the owner, designer and sole hands-on creator of all the magic that is ArinMayaMade.

I started making when I was a little girl in Chicago. My mom says I was always "into things," so between West African Dance class and countless choir rehearsals, she started taking me to her good friend Lucille Graham's house. From then, I was hooked. Literally. With my mother teaching me and my sister to macramé and crochet at home to Ms. Graham showing us how to make our own dolls and different beading techniques I became an early bloomer entrepreneur. 

After college, my move to New York and later escape mission to Paris inspired me to start sharing my creativity in a more direct way. Singing has always been my first love. Making things with my own two hands is a very close second. So when I started performing as ArinMaya, ArinMayaMade was born as her late twin sister. That's why you'll notice almost every item in the shop is named for a different song. Sing along if you will :)

I've always been drawn to unconventional beauty. My inspiration comes from everywhere: memories from high school geometry (it was a blast, really!), the work of Ghanaian-based artist El Anatsui which started me making bottle cap earrings, drinking wine...

Being as stimulated as I am by my environments can sometimes be overwhelming (I'm pretty sure I have adult ADD) and I don't always go the simplest route. When I do slow down though, I find myself remembering the quote that hung in my physics classroom in high school: To master complexity, grasp simplicity.

One of my favorite pieces to make is the "Everything Must Change" hammered brass triangle earrings. It's because triangles - however perfect/imperfect, equal or "right" they are - are a symbol for change. And my focus - like my creative impulses - is ever-changing. I hope you'll stick around for this exciting ride.

Please dig in and don't be daunted by the several one-of-a-kind pieces here. I hope you feel inspired, balanced and beautiful in whatever you choose, and that it brings you as much joy as it brought me in its making!